First licensed in 1961 while serving in the United States Air Force at Holloman AFB Base, New Mexico. Obtained a Novice Class license in January of 1961 and later upgraded to a Conditional Class license in July of 1961.
After leaving the Air Force in June of 1962 and returning to my home state of Oklahoma, I continued to retain the call sign of K5GLH. In 1979 I later upgraded to an Advanced Class License at FCC Field Office in Dallas, Texas. In 1982, I upgraded my license to Extra Class License at the FCC field office in Dallas, Texas on December 23, 1982.

In April of 1983 I elected to have Call Sign of K5GLH changed to the Amateur call sign of NF5L.

I have lived at my current address for 38 years.

Retired from Civil Service of 30 Years in the field of electronics from Tinker Air Force Base in 1990.

Obtained a new Vanity Call sign of W5QO in May of 1997.

Currently a volunteer examiner for 2 VEC'S (Volunteer Examiner Coordinators), W5YI and ARRL VEC.

Former holder of a Commercial Radio Telephone First Class License which is now called a General Radiotelephone License Lifetime License.

A 1970 Graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Electronics Technical School of Electronics, located in Cleveland, Ohio and holding a diploma in Broadcast Engineering. Holder of an Associate of Arts Degree from ROSE STATE COLLEGE graduating in 1975.

Formerly, Chief Engineer of KYIS-FM Oklahoma City and serving in other engineering capacities at the following radio stations: KOMA, KNOR, and formerly KEBC-FM at earlier dates.

Interests: Ham Radio, Computers, Photography, Metal Detectors, and Coin Collecting.

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Paul L. McCord Sr.

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